• Windows are the first point of contact for the consumers, that attracts customer attention. How effective the Windows will be more customer walk-in will happen. This is known to be one way of turning passers-by into customers.


Types of retail windows:

1 (A) Closed Windows : – large glass panel at the front and solid wall at the back.

1 (B) Semi-closed Windows:- large glass panels in the front and is half covered behind so that some part of the store is visible.

1 (C) Open-back Windows : – large glass panel at the front and no wall at the back so that the store is seen.

1 (D) Open Window (or No Window):- no glass panel or wall behind.

1 (E) Island Windowsthese are the stand-alone windows that are often located at the lobby of a big store.


1 (F)   Shadow boxes Window:-  small windows in a box shape that are usually used by jewellery and cosmetic stores to display their products.


1 (G)  Corner window:- allow the people to view the products from two sides and as the name suggests, it is located at the corner of the store.


1 (H)  Elevated windows :- might be an open or closed. Basically, they are located above ground level.

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